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A Unique Wedding Experience

As their wedding limousine arrived for the planned ceremony,  Tyler and Sharifa could not help but pause and take in the damage that hurricane Matthew had caused to their home.  Despite the devastation, there was also a feeling of great pride, as their determination to push ahead with their wedding had held sway.  Added to the tragedy of the home damage, looters had also struck further testing their intestinal fortitude.  Due to the help and kindness of friends, relatives and the local community, their day was made extra special, just as they had planned prior to the hurricane striking.Continue reading

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Home Water Filters A Major Health Benefit for Orlando Residents

Have you ever wondered what’s in your drinking water? One Orlando couple found out the hard way when they utilised the services of a local Orlando water restoration company.  The truth is that there are lots of chemicals and minerals that can find their way into your drinking water. And if you don’t have any way of filtering them out, those chemicals and minerals will soon find their way into your body. Getting rid of these chemicals is easy; all you need is a home water filter. But how do you know which filter to buy, and which one is the best?Aqua-PureContinue reading


water damage restoration

water damage restoration

Numerous times property owners don’t have any kind of idea that there is water damage in their residence till the issue becomes a major issue. A lot like smoke damage, this type of problem could be costly to fix, as well as many of the time could not be fixed without replacing exactly what has actually sustained the damage. Some basements will certainly leakage water during times of hefty rain, and also that water will certainly sit on the basement floor as well as damages everything it touches. Continue reading